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Personal Injury & Casualty

Personal injury and casualty insurance are necessary to protect against injury or property damage caused by accident, including automobile crashes, defective products and more. Schwed Kahle & Kress, P.A. offers strong, effective representation in the resolution of personal injury and casualty claims in the state of Florida. Contact the firm’s attorneys at 561-694-0070 in Palm Beach Gardens or other offices throughout the state for immediate assistance with a personal injury or casualty claim.

Auto Liability

Annually in Florida there are approximately 350,000 car crashes, with about 200,000 causing damage to property and 150,000 resulting in injury to persons. Schwed Kahle & Kress provide valuable support in auto liability claims by litigating important matters such as whether the claim is valid, whether damages are appropriately measured and whether the proper defendant is being sued. Key issues in auto liability litigation include:

  • How the accident occurred according to the claimant, the police report and insurance investigation
  • Whether responsibility for the crash lies with an intervening, superseding factor, including other drivers, auto manufacturers or road design defects
  • How liability should be apportioned according to Florida comparative negligence law
  • How to calculate future damages, including discounting to present value
  • Whether a punitive damages claim is warranted
  • Whether the action was brought within the applicable statute of limitations

Product Liability

Defective product injury litigation is often complex, involving extensive discovery and a multitude of legal theories, including express and implied warranty claims, negligence, and strict liability. Key issues in the resolution of product liability claims often turn on the following:

  • Was the product used for its intended use or reasonably foreseeable use?
  • Was the product used by its intended user?
  • Was the product misused?
  • What level of comparative fault should be attributed to the user?
  • Did the user assume the risk of danger from product use?
  • Was the product substantially modified or changed after it left the manufacturer’s control?
  • Is the claim preempted by federal law?
  • Is the claim inside or outside the applicable statutes of limitations and repose?

Experienced Legal Representation in Florida Personal Injury & Casualty Litigation

For smart, sophisticated and effective representation in personal injury and casualty claims in the state of Florida, call on the experienced lawyers at Schwed Kahle Kress, P.A., with offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

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